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ANTIQUE Fountain Pen Eversharp Symphony 1948-52

April 25, 2013

I recently acquired 2 examples of The Eversharp Symphony model fountain pens. I found these interesting for a few reasons. First I have been collecting Vintage fountain pens for over 30 years and I had never heard of this model. Upon further research I found the history of these pens fascinating. It seems that in the 1940s Eversharp had been loosing business to larger manufacturers like Shaeffer Watterman and Parker. In an effort to increase sales Eversharp introduced several fountain pen models designed by famous industrial designers. The first the Skyline, introduced in 1941 and produced in great numbers, had been designed by Henry Dreyfuss.
Introduced in 1948, the Symphony was one of the first pens aggressively marketed as styled by a famed designer – in this case, Raymond Loewy (1893-1986). Eversharp was a pioneer in hiring well-known industrial designers. Raymond Loewy was born in Paris France and was the first industrial designer to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine. He spent most of his professional career in the United States. Among his designs were the Shell and former BP logos, the Greyhound Scenicruiser bus, Coca-Cola vending machines, the Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 and S-1 locomotives, the Lucky Strike package, Coldspot refrigerators, the Studebaker Avanti and Champion, and the Air Force One livery. His career spanned seven decades.

Sadly these fountain pen designs did not have the positive impact on sales that Eversharp had hoped for and the Symphony was the last high quality line produced by the company. In 1957 Eversharp was aquired by the Parker Pen Co. and an economy line of pens was produced under the the Eversharp name. Funny but when researching the Symphony and Skyline pen models today there is hardly a mention of the famous designers who created them.

I have several examples of these pens on my site at FOUNTAIN PENS and a brief history at Symphony Fountain Pen
For more information on Raymond Leowy Wikipedia has some good information at Raymond Loewy and another good site dedicated to Raymond Loewy Design also has some great information.

My name is Gary, I have been collecting Vintage Fountain Pens for over 30 years. I also have collections of other antiques and collectibles including Antique Cameras, Cigarette lighters, Watches, Casino and Gambling Collectibles and Pub, Tavern and Brewery items. I recently launched ADDTIQUES.COM where I offer some of my treasures for sale. I also include history and other information on the items offered when possible. In addition to antique and vintage items there are also some quality antique reproductions offered.

I plan to add weekly posts with information on items that I find interesting. I hope some of you also found this of interest. Let me know what you think

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