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Antique Vintage Fountain Pen Eversharp Skyline Introduced 1941

May 1, 2013



Last week I poster an article on the Eversharp Symphony model fountain pen designed by Raymond Loewy, introduced in 1948. This was the last Eversharp  model designed by a celebrated industrial designer. In the post I mentioned The Eversharp Skyline Pen Designed By Henry Dreyfuss. The Skyline was the first Eversharp Pen Styled by a famed designer. 

The Eversharp Skyline Fountain pen, Introduced in 1941, was the first of several Eversharp designs by famed industrial designers. This pen was styled by Henry Dreyfuss A leading industrial designer of the 1930s and 1940s. A previous Dreyfuss designs, the streamlined steam locomotive Twentieth Century Limited. shows a definite resemblance to the Skyline pen.The design is typical of the Art Deco era.

Henry Dreyfuss, a native of Brooklyn New York, was a celebrated industrial designer through the 1930s and 1940s. Dreyfuss applied a common sense approach to design problems. Specializing in the design of consumer products Dreyfuss dramatically improved the look, feel, and usability of dozens of items. Dreyfuss designs include Western Electric 302 model telephone 1930, Hoover Model 150 Vacuum Cleaner 1936, Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock 1939, New YorkCentral Railroads Streamlined Mercury Train 1936, The Twentieth Century Limited Locomotive 1938, John Deere Tractors 1938, The Wahl Eversharp Skyline Pen 1940, Royal Typewriters 1940s, Bell System Telephones 1949 – 1965, Several American Steamships 1951, The Honeywell Circular Wall Thermostat 1953, Hoover vacuum cleaners 1954 – 57 and The Polaroid SX-70 Land camera 1972.

I now have one example of an Eversharp Skyline fountain pen at FOUNTAIN PENS and a brief history at Skyline Fountain Pen.

Some good information is available on Wikipedia at HENRY DREYFUSS Additional Biography and history is available at Henry Dreyfuss Design

My name is Gary, I have been collecting Vintage Fountain Pens for over 30 years. I also have collections of other antiques and collectibles including Antique Cameras, Cigarette lighters, Watches, Casino and Gambling Collectibles and Pub, Tavern and Brewery items. I recently launched ADDTIQUES.COM where I offer some of my treasures for sale. I also include history and other information on the items offered when possible. In addition to antique and vintage items there are also some quality antique reproductions offered.

I plan to add weekly posts with information on items that I find interesting. I hope some of you also found this of interest. Let me know what you think

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