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Ronson Mastercase Cigarette Lighter Case Combination

May 10, 2013

My most recent articles were about some fountain pens that i found had an interesting history. Additions Antiques specializes in a variety of interesting antiques and collectibles. This time I’m going to change things up a bit and go into some vintage cigarette lighter/ tobacciana collectibles.
In In a more elegant time when smoking was considered glamorous. a few companies dedicating their entire output to high quality cigarette lighters and accessories. The first and one of the most interesting companies was Art Metal Works, producing Ronson cigarette lighters cases and accessories in Newark, New Jersey USA. I don’t even smoke but I love these gadgets and their histories. The items I find most interesting are their cigarette lighter case combinations. Ronson was a pioneer in the development of the first practical cigarette lighters and produced one of the first cigarette lighter case combinations, the Ronson Mastercase. The Mastercase was introduced in 1933 and was produced for over 20 years in more then 100 different designs. A few examples are shown at RONSON MASTERCASE For a brief history RONSON. Find a more complete history at Vintage Ronson

My name is Gary, I have been collecting Vintage cigarette lighters for over 30 years. I also have collections of other antiques and collectibles including Antique Cameras, Vintage Fountain Pens, Watches, Casino and Gambling Collectibles and Pub, Tavern and Brewery items. I recently launched ADDTIQUES.COM where I offer some of my treasures for sale. I also include history and other information on the items offered when possible. In addition to antique and vintage items there are also some quality antique reproductions offered.

I plan to add weekly posts with information on items that I find interesting. I hope some of you also found this of interest. Let me know what you think

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