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Storing Antique Fountain Pens

June 16, 2013

Collecting antique pens and pencils is a great hobby. It’s always fun to impress your friends and clients when you pull out your favorite vintage fountain pen. The filling mechanisms are fascinating, Researching the development and improvements made to these filling systems is always interesting. To keep these antique collectible pens in proper working order maintainance is required. The most important thing to remember is to properly maintain pens when storing them. If you expect to display or store a pen for more than a few weeks the ink must be removed and the filling mechanism should be cleaned. Fountain pen ink is acidic and the ink reacts with rubber ink sacs and other rubber seals and components in the filling systems. negative effects can start to take place in a few months. When the ink hardens in a lever fill pen there is no alternative but to replace the ink sac. In some of the older hard rubber pens the rubber ink sac can fuse to the pen barell interior requiring a difficult and costly repair.

It is easy to forget and I have been guilty myself of storing or displaying a pen expecting to get to it later but cleaning takes just a few minutes. When storing an antique pen it is a simple process to flush out the filling system. Empty any ink that is in the pen and then fill with clean clear water. Fill and release the ink intel it flows clear and clean. This should leave the filling system in good working condition and your pen ready to write.

Additions Antiques specializes in a variety of interesting antiques and collectibles.

My name is Gary, I have been collecting Vintage Fountain Pens for over 30 years. I also have collections of other antiques and collectibles including Antique Cameras, Vintage Cigarette Lighters and Tobacciana Collectibles Pens, Watches, Casino and Gambling Collectibles and Pub, Tavern and Brewery items. I recently launched ADDTIQUES.COM where I offer some of my treasures for sale. I also include history and other information on the items offered when possible. In addition to antique and vintage items there are also some quality antique reproductions and modern collectibles offered.

I plan to add weekly posts with information on items that I find interesting. I hope some of you also found this of interest. Let me know what you think

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