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Vintage Style Double Edge Safety Razors, STILL THE BEST SHAVE!

April 22, 2014

Safety Double Edge Razors, Still the Best Shave!
Bet you can’t tell which is the Antique.

A while back I purchased an old Gillette Safety Razor from an estate sale. It was displayed on a shelf until I spotted some Double edge blades at a garage sale. Fed up with the new multi blade razors that clog easily and are expensive I got the old Gillette down from the shelf and gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the shave and was so happy with the results I did some research and found a modern version of this classic razor.


I shaved with the Antique Gillette (I think this one is from the 1940s) for awhile but wanting to preserve it in it’s current condition switched to the new one. The design is almost identical to the old one. There are no moving parts to break or jam, THESE JUST WORK!! To clean the razor unscrews to remove and clean the blade so clogging isn’t a problem either. I was so impressed that I added these to my site follow the OTHER COLLECTIBLES button at the top of the page $12.95 with 6 blades included.

With all of the “improvements” made since the 1930s I think you will find that these double edge safety razors still provide the best shave.

Additions Antiques specializes in a variety of interesting antiques and collectibles.

My name is Gary, I have been collecting Vintage Items for over 30 years. I have collections of antiques and collectibles including Antique Cameras, Vintage Cigarette Lighters and Tobacciana Collectibles Pens, Watches, Casino and Gambling Collectibles and Pub, Tavern and Brewery items. I recently launched ADDTIQUES.COM where I offer some of my treasures for sale. I also include history and other information on the items offered when possible. In addition to antique and vintage items there are also some quality antique reproductions and modern collectibles offered.


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