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Vintage Box Cameras As A Fashion Statement

August 19, 2015



Vintage box cameras were popular from the early 1900’s through the 1960’s.

Hard to imagine these days when everyone seems to have a camera phone and hardly anyone still carries a separate camera. These were considered compact and light weight, Kind of the Instamatic cameras of the day. (I’ll follow up with posts on Kodak Instamatics for those too young to remember). They were the simplest of camera designs consisting of a cardboard or metal box with a simple shutter system and ground glass view finders. Although still using roll film that needed to be developed, these were considered the instant cameras of the day. Customers were encouraged to always carry their camera  to never miss a shot so it wasn’t long before the manufacturers decided to dress up this simple design

The first models were simple black boxes. Later models were available in different colors to match the clothes you wore. Advertisements encouraged owning several, one to match each outfit.

Starting in the Roaring 20’s decorative faceplates were added with geometric “Art Deco” Designs.

No longer practical as working cameras since roll film is hard to find, these make great architectural design items. Great conversation pieces as a shelf accents these display nicely and mix in with other antiques displayed.

Visit to view more examples. Looking for a specific design or model. Let us know as we are always finding new items and have many items in stock that have not yet been added to our site.




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